Friday, February 29, 2008

Sesame Dressing

Challenging myself! Yeah, so while I'm in Japan I thought I may as well take photos of it. Everyday. I'm starting close to home, really close, with my lunch. I'm obsessed with macro zoom. This photo may not be great, but Im sure if I actually do this for more than one day eventually sometime may show up.


Frederik Jurk said...

Man, I love your slightly sarcastic writing style. I thought that this is worth mentioning!

And yeah, Japan isn´t very eco about their stuff. Some of the sweets I buy in a local asia market are wrapped in surprisingly thick plastic, and Nintendo sells its Virtual Console download points on little cardboard cards... that come in a whole DVD case with a symbolic paper disc in place of a proper disc, complete with manuals and shrinkwrap. FOR A STUPID CODE CARD. At least it gives me a place to put orphaned discs in, but man...

So, what´s your average review score for Japan in total so far? 5/10?

d said...

so, it may be entirely because i'm currently sleep deprived, but i did not understand a word you just wrote.


Jeannette said...

Japan gets a 4/10. But, to be fair, America gets a 3.

D-- me too, I dunno. But Freddy got it!

d said...

i think it's entirely possible that freddy thought you said something completely different than you actually did since english isn't his native language and all.

no offense freddy.