Thursday, February 21, 2008

Now, if only I knew Japanese words...

Im almost finished learning Hiragana. Maybe I am finished? Given enough time I can read any character, it just takes me a bit to write the variations of the main characters. For example, I have the following characters memorized (write, read, pronounce):

But, Im still working on the following ones. They look similar to the ones above, and only have slightly different sounds. Like, ひ (hi, pronounced hee) becomes び (bi) and ぴ (pi). I think I have it down for the most part.

H becomes B and P [like in ひ, び, ぴ]
T becomes D [と (to) --> ど (do)]
K becomes G [か (ka) --> が (ga)]
S becomes Z [せ (se) --> ぜ (ze)]

And then there's still the じ (ji) and ぢ (ji) thing to mess it all up. But I think writing this post cleared it all up for me. Arent you excited to be learning while blog surfing today?

I havent really looked at the above characters yet. They seem pretty easy because they're just a blend of two sounds. きゅ (kyu) is a combination of き (ki, pronounced kee) and ゆ (yu).

One day I'll look back on this post and remember the time I knew Hiragana.

Coming Up Next Week... watch me learn Katakana!


Anonymous said...

lol so i'm taking it that by the end of march u'll be ready for the kanji 101 crash course. michael dailey

ジョズ デス 

Frederik Jurk said...

Dear god.

Why is their lanuage so complicated? And that is coming from someone who lives in a country where the fridge is a male and the blanket is a female. I like the pure look of all these letters and I like the idea of japanese (and chinese) in theory, but I could never be arsed to actually learn them. It just seems so...painful.

I don´t wanna discourage you, though! YEAH JEANNETTE