Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Give Up

I made some pasta tonight, with the same jar of tomato garlic I usually buy. But tonight there was this strange taste to it. It was fishy. I looked at the jar and the picture was the same as always, a tomato and a some garlic. I even figured out the katakana on the label (トマト&ガーリック) and it said tomato and garlic. There was a website printed on the back (, so I went there to see if I could find some English ingredients. There werent any, but I looked up the kanji for fish (魚) and saw it was printed all over the place. Then I found a translation website ( and saw that the sauce I've been eating for months doesnt just have fish but chicken meat (鶏肉) too!


This goes in my I hate Japan column.


Jon said...

i'm so sorry about that. You could always make your own tomato sauce and freeze it in small batches. Next time i come to Japan, we'll spend a week just cooking and freezing stuff do you never have to buy anything packaged again!


ElizT said...

It's a hard way to learn the finer language detail!

tofusquirrel said...

uh oh. im sending you some snax in the mail

Anonymous said...

uhmmm, sitting wondering if ur hate side is looking kinda long by now as compared to ur like side. If not, give and other 140 days. Glad ur working finally and u got ur 1st payck. nice to see Liz will be there next
month. michael dailey