Monday, February 18, 2008

Let Me Be Your Salty Dog

Nothing makes me feel more like an adult than making coffee. It reminds me of my mom, she used to make it every morning. I used to tease her about her addiction. I just made a bitter pot. I accidentally put in too many beans and then I sprinkled hot chocolate mix in. Wasnt as good as Id imagine.

Last night I went to karaoke with Yuka and Kirsty. It was actually a lot of fun. Ive discovered my karaoke song is definitely Bjork's "It's Oh So Quiet." We were there for three hours and got nomihodi. I drank way too many Salty Dogs.

Afterwards we went to Antonio's yatai. It was freezing. I started talking to these guys that were sitting there, making Yuka translate everything. It was ridiculous. Me screaming, "YUKA! ASK HIM WHAT HIS JOB IS!" "YUKA! TELL HIM I HAVE A TATTOO, TOO!" And random nonsense like that. At one point the man called "The Samurai" squeezed my nose and banged my head against his. Some sort of ancient Japanese mating ritual? Perhaps. They paid for our drinks, so mission accomplished. Then, they tried to give us a ride home, but luckily Kirsty had been drinking iced-hot-chocolates all night and she suggested we find other transportation.

Why am I writing all this here? It's the prelude and maybe explanation to my story about the pizza.

When I got home from the yatai I went to make some delicious store-bought pizza. While I was preparing it for the toaster oven I cut open the Italian Spices packet. I sprinkled them all over the pizza. But, they were black. And not pepper-black, but charcoal, ashy black. I thought maybe they were just burnt or something, and I considered continuing with the preparation, when I gave the packet another look. I had just cut open the "Do Not Eat" moisture absorber and poured it all over my pizza!

It took me a few minutes to decide not to eat the pizza.

Then I called Lauren on Skype and bitched/cried/talked-about-myself until the internet connection died and I fell asleep on my carpet. One contact lens mysteriously missing.

Now Im headed to the Shunan Art Museum to see an oil painting exhibition. If I can get there before they close.


ElizT said...

I once tried to clean my teeth with talcum powder.

Frederik Jurk said...

Check your eyes if your missing contact lens didn´t accidentially slip behind your eyelid!

And yeah, making coffee made me feel like a real grown up, too. Including the anxiety attacks and bad sleep quality that came after consuming very strong coffee for two years. I am clean now. Now I drink Redbush by the gallon.

And your Karaoke story reminds me o f Lost In Translation. I picture you there with Bill Murray and Scarlet Johannson. I bet doing Björk on Karaoka must be a real kick (I would do "Hyperballad" if I felt like crying in front of other people or "Army of Me" for punching in the air).

I never looked into these "Do not eat" packages, though - I thought they were full of white grains or something. Good story. I think just drawing cartoons of your daily happenings in Japan would be very fitting (plus it will have the OMG IT´S JAPAN! KAWAII!!!!!-bonus).

Jeannette said...

You know what Fredrick, I think you just figured it out.

The reason Im having so much trouble pumping out comics is because I just write all the weird things that happen to me!

No longer!