Monday, February 18, 2008


Japan is weird.

AnonymousOK (3:51:31 AM): i feel unconfruble
wicked pumped (3:51:40 AM): hahah
AnonymousOK (3:51:54 AM): your a dirty dirty girl
wicked pumped (3:53:57 AM): i put the a new comic up, maybe im a good drawer after all
AnonymousOK (3:54:33 AM): maby you'll be ok you will br ok
AnonymousOK (3:55:01 AM): but why did you put it in the alone one and not jimmyjanesays
wicked pumped (3:56:47 AM): I dont know, I just dont know.
AnonymousOK (3:57:00 AM): good answer

And thanks Frederik!


Jon said...

Does this mean Jeannette is back?

Prozacville said...

He's probably masturbating over that photograph at this very moment.

Jeannette said...


Frederik Jurk said...

Aw come on. My idea was not THAT extraordinary, right? But of course I am still glad it helped you.

And btw, I am cancelling my old MySpace account and think about making a new one, since this still is the "hip indie" place and I can´t seem to afford to not be there. But MySpace is so unbelievable fucking ugly and stuffed with ads and annoying navigation... I´ll add you once I figured out the basics. Not going to use me real name, though. I don´t know why. Not on MySpace!

LSL said...

Holy shit, you are a manga maniac. I love this comic!