Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yu and the Lunar Eclipse

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"Who is that you're holding," you ask? His name is Yu “Ka” Langmead. Some of you know him, some of you may not. His name comes from a time way back when he lived with Kirsty and Katie. He was in a small bowl with his brother on top of the refrigerator. My friend, Yuka, was given the charge of naming the two goldfish. Obviously she named one “Yu” and the other “Ka.” But the story doesn’t end there.

waiting for the bus

Sadly, one day Ka committed suicide by jumping out of the bowl. Some say he was pushed, but I refuse to believe that.

Yu’s owners have all been relocated so he was given to Ashley. But she already had two fish that constantly fought and had to be kept in separate bowls. So I asked for Yu. I went to Ashley’s to pick him up and we officially changed his name to honor his dead, depressed brother. She put him in a Ziploc container and I headed home with him on the bus.

on the bus

When I got home I filled his bowl up with water and dumped him in. I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to do that. He stopped swimming. And he’s a really feisty fish, always moving pebbles around and making tons of noise. I was really worried I killed him within the first hour of adoption. Yuka then came over and we kept a close eye on him. After a few hours he began swimming again. And now he’s a genki little goldfish.


Edit Prozacville's artistic reaction to the tragedy of Ka.


Jon said...

Cute Jeannette, i'm glad you have a new friend.

Fern said...

that pet/owner look-a-like thing. I think it's happening here.

Frederik Jurk said...


The "goldfish jumping suicide thing" seem to be a common urban myth. It appears in the movie Amelie and "Throw the Yaya out" by David Sedaris.

Besides, Goldfish are very comical animals. I hope he is good company.

Dan said...

That is the saddest looking fish I have ever seen.

Prozacville said...

I almost wept like a very large baby with big black glasses when reading this. So did a prozacville drawing to make me feel better/worse about Yu/you.

It's what us sad souls do.

Debra Kay said...

My daughter won a fish in a carnival in Oklahoma. He lived a year, and survived a move to Texas. For Christmas he was given a spiffy new aquarium with filter, etc. The kindness did him in. RIP Blacky (he had a black dot on him).

Fern said...

this made me think of you and yu