Saturday, November 3, 2007

Miyajima Island

Best shot of the day: a deer wanders in front of the O-Torii gate.

I had a job interview today. I'd say it went well, but there would be a lot to figure out with moving and key money and stuff. I would be teaching really young children--glorified babysitting. It is in Yamaguchi City. I have some more interviews coming up next week so maybe I wont die. Maybe. This month will be strange. Everyone's going home, and my roommate is going to Tokyo for a week.
Yesterday some former students took me and some other teacher's to Miyajima Island for some sightseeing. It was a beautiful place and I felt kind of sad that I couldnt sit and paint there for the day. But I'll try to go back. We had a good time, despite me feeling terribly sick (keep that in mind when looking at the photos of me). On the way home we stopped in Iwakuni, too. I'm glad I got to see some of Japan, and for so cheap!
Everyone here is being extremley nice and helpful to us out-of-work gaijin. The interview I had today was setup by a Japanese woman who I know through a friend. She's been trying to get everyone work and has even found people who would put us up if need be.
I never would've imagined I could do what I've been doing here... going on interviews, biking to an internet cafe, traveling with strangers.
And I had a really bizarre moment today at The Mall, after the interview. I'm standing there in my suit (which is a skirt) and heels, trying desperately to find a Mirah Carey CD for me and my roommate to go halves on. Where did Jeannette go?

We spend some time petting [and being chased by] the deer.

Biggest Rice Spoon in the World!

Typical Miyajima scene.

Inside the Itsukushima Shrine

An Australian, Canadian, American, Brit, and Japanese

The former students teach us how to pet the wooden man.

Preparing the Okonomiyaki

I was very happy to get vegetalian Okonomiyaki for lunch.

Me being pensive...


Forever Young said...

wht a truly beautiful place, what a truly wonderful experience.

josh pincus is crying said...

where did jeannette go?
jeannette grew up.

happyd said...

wow these photos are gorgeous! and okonomiyaki - my favourite dish!!!

good luck w/ the interviews - sending you positive thoughts :)

red-handed said...

Mariah Carey = growing up? I don't fucking think so.

Also: I'm slightly disappointed that this whole thing hasn't led to at least one death. Even a death of the soul (homelessness, Japanese scorning unwashed barbarian girl, etc) would be okay.

But fine, go on surviving.

To all of you who were going to send money, send it to me instead. Seriously.

Jon said...

I agree mariah = growing up?? wtf

I call that a regression!
And why in the 'international people' photo does the American have to be in the middle? Centre of everything, eh?

love you lots, and good luck with the interviews!

Frederik Jurk said...

Oh god yes you are alive and well! I guess. Another comment will come actually reading your post(s).

Frederik Jurk said...

What´s up with those deers? And yeah, that first picture is the best photo ever - its so perfect it almost looks artifical. Same for that kitten pic - this is so adorable it´s almost too much. Looks like a very magical place.

My Jeannette-meter just went from "Pity" to "Envy" again. THUMBS UP FOR J YEAH!

Mim said...

Glad you're not on the streets earning money or dead. Good luck!

LSL said...

You're clearly catching on to the kawaii-culture with that photo of the neko-chan.

I used to live in between Iwakuni and Miyajima, and these photos are unreal to see. I can't believe it's all still over there. I'm so glad you're doing ok, and I'm ILL - do you hear me? - ill with jealousy. Yay, you.

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Good luck on the interview. Here's to an exciting future for you!

tofusquirrel said...

I love all your pictures. I hope you find a good job that you are happy with. Good luck with everything!

Jeannette said...

Mirah Carey=losing my mind.

And Fred, please continue to pity me.

Dan said...

I smell a movie.