Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Desperate Plea


As some of you may know, two months ago I packed it all up and moved to lovely Kudamatsu, Japan. As soon as I started to settle in here, the company I worked for went bankrupt. Having no money or options I've decided to stay put and squat in my apartment until I am forcibly removed.

So, here I am. Broke, no internet (this post is being brought to you by a telepathic Jesus, he owed me one), no television, no newspapers, no books.

I have a wall. That I stare at.

And all the shitty comics I draw.

Dont get me wrong, some days I do have great adventures here. Like visiting a shrine with a strange man I met at a yatai, trying to get a DVD rental card, going to dozens and dozens of 'Goodbye' parties, watching little men prune trees, practicing touching, getting punched in the arm by a bartender, photographing worm fights. Im suprised Ive had so much fun on so little yen.

So in conclusion, what I am asking is... will someone, for the love of god, send me a book!?!?

It's a book-a-thon! I am your local librarian, collecting for the needy. Comic books, mini-comics, exciting fiction, non-fiction, VCR manuals, anything that has to do with space, black holes, the historical archeology of New England, art history, contemporary art history, any kind of history, biographies, books about Mexico (or how to get there from here), old textbooks... I'll reading fucking Mein Kempf if you send it. My mind is getting all gooey and I need some thoughts that dont have to do with me to start pumping through it.

Send me your favorite book, one that blew your mind and changed your life. And come February 10th I'll send it back. Or I'll send you someone else's.

(Nothing recommended by Oprah, religious, or about Japan, please.)

Thank you. I love you.

And do it quick! I move in about a month.

We're in love now. Cant you tell?

(email me for my address)


Mim said...

I have all sorts of lovely bodice rippers about hunky Scottish men in loose kilts that i can send you if you send me your address at or maybe i'll send something more, but just a little bit more, meaningful.

Sorata said...

Okay, check your email and send me your address. I'm in.

Glad you've mentioned what you don't want to read, I was about to send you a book about Japan and its Buddhism influence. :D

Jon said...

I've set aside 4 books. It's in the pile of Jeannette stuff to be brought with me next week

LSL said...

I'm in!

red-handed said...

Hmmm ... what's in it for me?

OK, alright, I'll send you some books. I send two smaller ones, seeing as how I've got tons.

So surrender up your address.

Hope you get a job soon,

squirrelly said...

i got you a graphic novel and a book that is filled with comics.

Andrew said...

The post office says that my package will arrive on Wednesday.

my heart is made of gravy said...

How about a book and a drawing? I still owe you and am planning on visiting a post-office this Friday. Send me the details Nettesky.


Anonymous said...

Am I too late? Got a shit load to send..or a small pile maybe...

Patti Auburn said...

Do you still need books? I have some I can send.
I'm enjoying your blog so much - and as my friend Kazuya-san says "As long as you enjoying."