Saturday, August 30, 2008


Is sitting at home alone, drinking beer, watching illegally downloaded episodes of Dawson's Creek cooler... because I'm in Japan?

Circle One.



Monday, August 25, 2008

The trip home was even worse than the journey to Amerika. But, this blog isn't about entertaining you with the outrageous stories of my doomed life. This blog is not here to retell antidotes about drunken shenanigans that happen when my estranged family gets together for a wedding. I did not start this blog to have a forum for life-updates, like the fact that all my possessions are sitting in boxes in my neighbor's house and in 1 week I won't have an actual residence. This blog is here for one reason! To give you a place to complain about my lack of sketchblog updates.

(Photo: my brother, sister, and I share our first/last night out at a bar together.)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What I Do

As my Facebook status reads, I am at an internet cafe in Fukuoka right now. This is part one of a very long journey back to Amerika. Land of veggie burritos and size 8 Women's shoes.

It's almost 4am. Ive been in this booth since 12:30. I drank 3 free beverages: peach soda, green tea, and water. I watched one DVD: Little Miss Sunshine. I surfed about 600 websites and realized the internet is boring and maybe I dont need an iPhone.

I'll go to Starbucks in about 30 minutes. Then, catch a taxi to Fukuoka airport. I have to say, "福岡くうどまでおねがいします" to the driver.

After that I'll be sitting around in the Tokyo airport for 7 hours waiting for my flight to L.A. There, I'll collect my shit, go through customs, and hop on another plane to Portland.

Total travel time: 35 hours.

Seriously, Alex, you better only get married once.

UPDATE (4:11am): I already smell bad.

Friday, August 1, 2008

I got a sunburn today. In preparation for my brother's wedding.

I also ate a wasabi-seaweed riceball on the beach, which just felt weird. I paid 106円 for something I could have eaten off the ground next to me.