Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well, ladies, my blog posts are about to get a lot shorter. You see, nerds all around the internets are cracking their backs and rubbing their bellies and choosing not to trade a master knowledge of memes for unhealthiness anymore. I first heard about this trend from my friend Frederik and soon Krijali was joining in. If the two most otaku people I know are doing it, surely I want in.

Yes, I am talking about the stand-up desk. Or SUD, as I am now calling it (coin!).

So yesterday (actually three days ago, I'm writing this post in 5 minute intervals*) I transported everything out of my big Japanese closet and plopped it in my tatami room (Motto is thrilled), leaving me space for my very own SUD! So far, so good.

I'm not sure how long image editing projects or the total overhaul of my website (in hand coded CSS) will go, but I'll wait a while before I get into that and give my muscles time to adjust. If muscles have memories, they need only remember 3 years ago when I stood at a cash register 8 hours a day. Drawing on receipt tape and brown bags.

Unexpected results: tweets (@jeannetto) are instantly more unbearable; I haven't written a single email (sorry mom); my kitchen is damn clean.

Other results of computer geeks around the world abandoning their chairs may be: less sarcastic responses on forums when you ask a question; your IT guy may soon be able to kick your ass (or at least make it to your desk); bandwidth will be freed up for poor people in Africa. Et cetera.

But like any internet trend, or health kick I go on, what goes up, must come down.

*psych! I wrote this all in one go.


aml said...

Less sarcastic, I don't think so. It's quicker to type "O Rly" than to reason a thoughtful reply. As Larry Wall said in the pre-web Internet era "The social dynamics of the net are a direct consequence of the fact that nobody has yet developed a Remote Strangulation Protocol."

Wherther the IT geek can soon beat you up depends on who. The type of sysadmin who tends to wear hiking boots and shorts (why? Is there a possibility that
a mountain will suddenly spring up in the middle of their datacenter?) he could probably take on the average marketing guy.

Jeannette said...

Ahh... not "less sarcastic" responses, but less responses.

Be careful about underestimating these new standing IT guys.

Krijali said...

SUD! I like it, now I can walk around saying, "Hey do you want to see my SUD" "Man, my SUD is blinged out" and it will make absolutely no sense... at first. Until memedom!

Terrible comment, but I wanted to say good luck! you might want to adjust the keyboard over time - depending on your back.

red-handed said...

I heard the bathtub also works, just make sure the water is nice and warm.

Frederik Jurk said...

Yeah! Finally I´ve done something edgy and hip once in my life!

And actually, while doing some research on that matter, I found a guys blog post who had been visiting the Toyota headquarter, where all the employers were working on SUDs as well.

Just remember to don´t force it too hard, gel inlays work well (I myself am wearing these hippie german Birkenstock shoes inside right now) and you´re good to keep going ;)

On a sidenote, I still managed to go through my fair share of the meme database, procrastination seems posture-agnostic.

Frederik Jurk said...

Btw, your setup is really classy, I like the traditional look and an iMac blends into every environment perfectly. Nice page you´re having on your browser as well ;)