Monday, November 5, 2007

I've Lost My Mind

I wasnt going to come to the internet cafe today. It's expensive and shared computers creep me out. But, as I was sitting at home alone, knitting and singing Mariah Carey's greatest hits, I thought the walk would do me good.
Since my unemployment began I've been spending my days sleeping, taking long baths, drawing comics (that I want to put on the internet, but swore I wouldnt), and meeting random Japanese people.
Today I was picked up by this woman known as "Sister Fuji." Yesterday my roommate received an encrypted message from Fuji on her cell phone that read: "Janet I pick up 15:00 Japanese lesson. Just joke. OK, let me know." Obviously I wrote back "yes!" and today I woke up just in time to have some coffee and begin our adventure.
She drove me to Kasado Island, where I saw a huge plastic dinosaur. Then she gave me a big bag of food. She was sorry I didnt eat meat, because the bag had a lot of meat in it. We talked about finding me a job, how many siblings I have, what I think of Japan, what I am looking for in a boyfriend (I answered: smart, likes computers or comics, older. She told me her 40 year old brother in Kyoto would be perfect). You know, basic English conversation stuff. Then she bought me dinner. We went to Joyfull, a family restaurant mashed with a izakaya. I got pasta with eggplant and tomato sauce. Halfway in I realized it included ham. Everything here has fucking meat in it.
Ive decided I may try to learn how to write in Japanese. Because I think I'll have more success with that than speaking it.
So my day was weird. I wish I could explain it better, but I dont have to money to sit here telling you all how I'm a complete novelty in Kudamatsu, and people just want to talk to me and take my picture in front on dinosaurs.


d said...

dude. you're the japanese brittany spears. now just marry some lame-o japanese rock star, have his kids, shave your head, become a washout at the age of 27. etc. etc.

you have four years. go.

Mim said...

ugg to being Brittany. Keep being yourself, you're good people

Jon said...

i love you!

red-handed said...

I dated Sister Fuji for awhile. She used to stick me with pins in my sleep, then take pictures of me wearing ridiculous paper hats.

Matt said...

Jen Food is on the way.

But at a cost.

Steve Caratzas said...

I've been following your adventures and admiring your drawing since you commented on something I posted on Illustration Friday Night a while ago.

I'm pulling for you!