Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Hungry

I need ideas for food. Im sick of eating rice and pasta and pizza everday.

The restrictions are:
+Must be vegetarian
+I have no oven, blender, food processor, microwave
+I do have a toaster oven and stove
+Has to use simple ingredients that I have a chance of recognizing without having to read a package



Jon said...

you can make a veggie paté from things like mushroom, carrot and other veggies (maybe a bit of potato). I'll look up a recipe

Jon said...

ok. well it seems you may need a blender or food processor for the paté. Unless you have awesome chopping skills. How about couscous? You can make a couscous salad with:
2-3 cups cooked couscous
1/4 cup oil
1/3 cup vinaigre
a bunch of lemon juice
and anything your heart desires
(chick peas, chopped red pepper, olives, celery, japanese-stuff)
Super easy!
let me know if i should bring you a bag of couscous.

Prozacville said...

Cheese on taost.

It's like cheese on toast, but with extra tao.

Anonymous said...

just saw on NHK that G education has bought out Nova and has rehired 1700 former gaijin nova teachers. Hope u were one. michael dailey
uhmm cant think of much with just a toaster oven
sorry. cheese and tomato sanwiches
can always buy fresh fruit and vegs at seibu

d said...

pop tarts!

frozen burritos!


peanut butter and jelly!

i still eat like a five-year-old.

Jon said...

i just made Simon buy himself a hand-held blender and a vegetable peeler (as opposed to the vegetable-scratcher he had before). This makes my life a hell of a lot easier, but now i feel selfish.
I should ask simon to send it to the needy, i mean, you.

red-handed said...

a) piece of cardboard

b) black marker

c) make sign which reads "gaijin girl hungry big time"

d) stand in street

e) smile

happyd said...


i found this website. it has photos of japanese food with english explanations.

perhaps it can help you?

if you have a toaster oven, how about toast (unles you are vegan?), some tomato slices and cheese on top?

have you discovered the cheap and yummy edamame in your frozen food section yet?

happyd said...

ugh, here's the link that i forgot:

momo said...

I live in Hikari City, next to kudamatu. I am a student of Nova in the Mall Shunan.
I heared that G-education started to open the lesson in Nova of the Mall shunan.
But I worried about you.
If you can come in the Mall shuunann I will go there.
Let's lesson for food.
The student union say that student and teacher of Nova shuld be in a front of Nova class room on every Saturday noon.
And will you come to Nova class room on every saturday noon?

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

It's an web site dedicated to cooking in and eating out. It's a a big message board. It's also got a strong regional theme.

Maybe if you post there you might get some local help, or at least some good ideas for your cooking requirements. Look under "boards" and there are links to various regions. Free too.

I've found it to be a good community, and very responsive.

Hope this situation eventually works out well for you.

Prozacville said...

You see, Happyd (dumb name) agrees with me. Cheese on taost/toast is really the best option.

happyd said...

prozacville: why????

well i've had this account for over 5 years now, before google bought blogger and back then i couldn't include any spaces in my screen name.

it's really 'happy d'.

red-handed said...

Don't put up any more posts. Make us believe you've disappeared.

Dan said...

is it me or are we overlooking the obvious here: stir-fry?