Monday, February 25, 2008

Japan Ruins Everything

A combination of my two favorite things--rabbits and cotton candy! Oh, how excited I was.

And then I opened the bag to find four individually wrapped packs. For those of you that dont know this little fact about Japan, they individually wrap everything... bananas, peppers, cookies, chocolate covered almonds. And for those of you who dont know me, I have a bag phobia.

I was actually scared I was about to eat a big cotton ball. Who's ever heard of white cotton candy!?

I obviously ate all four packs that night, but this is just another example of how simple joys in life can be sucked away just from being in Japan.


ksklein said...

actually more and more vendors are selling white cotton candy here in germany. mainly because the colors are not very healthy.
i´m glad for that so i can buy my kids some cotton candy too. the white one is the only kosher one as it is made only of sugar!

Jeannette said...

Well where do they get their vitamins!?

ksklein said...

well, not from the cotton candy. :)

ElizT said...

I agree with you, it should be pink, gluey at the edges and rather dirty from the hands of the boy who twirls it out of the bowl.