Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Like Direction, but Backwards

I went to heat up my coffee and I found last night’s dinner in the microwave. Uneaten. I think I forgot about it and had a peanut butter and maple jam sandwich instead. Am I getting old? How could I forget about the Japanese fried pumpkin thingies that smelled so good?

I did just have them for lunch today; a win-win situation.

Maple jam is my new favorite thing. I look forward to the day I have maple butter and can have the ultimate sugary, syrupy, maple sandwich. Maple jam is a bit like honey or syrup, but since it was labeled “jam” I use it in that way. You know, on toast, sandwiches, spoons.

In other mundane nonnews, since I haven’t bought any new CDs in five months (not including Mariah Carey’s Greatest Hits) I have been creating iPod mixes to reinvigorate my interest in artists Ive lost interest in. My latest creation, “The Ladies of BSS” is wonderful. It’s Fiest, Emily Haines, and Amy Millan (I also threw in Cat Power because it felt good). Listening to it makes me feel like how it would feel if I had feelings.

Feel free to burn me some CD’s people! This internet connection is too slow to even get podcasts of Chicago Public Radio's "This American Life" (and I need my Ira Glass fix).

Im for real, real, reals studying Hiragana again. So far Ive mastered:

And I'm working on:

So, I have like 90 more Hiragana characters to learn, then the Katakana alphabet. Then maybe 2,000 kanji characters. After all that I'll be able to read Japanese manga! A life dream!*

So some words in Hiragana I can read include, あし (ashi, leg/foot), いえ (ie, house), and かめ (kame, turtle). So if I were reading a newspaper and there was an article about a turtle running into someone's house and biting their foot, I could potentially understand it (if there was huge in depth accompanying illustration, too).

I just had deja vu.

So Im thinking, how am I going to remember all these Japanese words if I cant even remember to take my dinner out of the microwave?

This random post was brought to you by my two-hour lunch break.

*denotes sarcasm,
some of you have trouble picking that up here

EDIT: In the times it’s taken to find an internet connection and post this (24 hours) I’ve learned さ (sa), し (shi), す (su), せ (se), そ (so) and た (ta), ち (chi), つ (tsu), て (te), と (to). Now I can read すし!


d said...

i'm marginally impressed that you've even learned how to type japanese characters at all let alone learn what they mean.

which leads me to think that maybe you're just making all of this shit up and those characters don't mean what you say they do.

oh. and you have feelings. bitterness, anger, rage they're all feelings. just not happy ones.

Jeannette said...

Bitterness, yes. But I havent come close to anger or rage in a while. Maybe a eye-roll and a sigh, or a heated typing session.

Wait, is lazy a feeling?

To double your slight impressness, today on the bus I picked out "下さい" on a sign, which means kudasai, or please. That's kanji & hiragana in one!

How do I do it? High sugar foods and ample me-time.

LSL said...

I can send you cds of This American Life, if you want!

Frederik Jurk said...

Hey, if I learn japanese too, I will someday be able to read the manual to Super Mario Land... IN THE ORIGINAL!

"Suppa Mariu jummpa pressu a buttan."

I still have dreams inside!*

Frederik Jurk said...

*Jesus, which one of your readers don´t get your sarcasm? People who don´t get sarcasm tend to frighten me a bit. Like they are missing some important parts of their mind or something.

Also, I hope you get your creative drive back again. As for myself: Up and down like a sine wave!

tofusquirrel said...

i just laughed my ass off at the turtle house leg newspaper ad. p.s. have you listened to the imogen heap cd? i just bought it the other day. i think you'd like it!

William Wren said...

they must have very big keybords

Frederik Jurk said...

"Fredrick, Fredrick, c'mon, please dont rub in all your happiness with "his&hers" tshirts.

I am going to throw up jealousy."

Don´t worry. We won´t be wearing them "partner look". I propably won´t wear it at all since I look a bit silly with it.