Saturday, March 1, 2008

Are you with us?

edamame dangler

Um, because Ive gotten in a few more naps and cups of coffee since my last post, let me explain what I meant a bit. Im going to [attempt to] post a new photo of Japan everyday. Hold your applause, let me finish. There are three [conscious] reasons for this:

1. I havent been carrying my camera around much lately.
2. To balance out my negative stories about this god-awful place.
3. To have something to blog about!

You can see the runners up on my Flickr page (a plethora of macro zoomed meals).


d said...

got it.

is that real edamame? won't it rot?

ElizT said...

The food fotos make a good series and I like 'Sad girl on the tram' very much.

Jeannette said...

D--nothing rots in Japan. But really I dont know what it's made of, there is so much plastic food here youd wet yourself.

elizt--Thank you, but I hate serieses (seri?). Ive given up on them. If you can make your lame ass point in one try who cares anyway?

I also feel this way about books with more than one sentence.

But not lists.

Sorry, god has made me eternally mean and contrary.

William Wren said...

nothing rots

ElizT said...

Now I'm all inhibited.

Jeannette said...

Aw, shit. Im sorry. You have to know when commenting on my blog you may get irrationally lashed at. That's why so few people comment.

ElizT said...

I think I got that message a while ago, and I'm not really inhibited.