Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Sainto Patarikuzu Day

I have all this Irish blood in me (maybe I'm like 15% Irish--I dont really know, Ive never had my genetic makeup tested), but Ive never felt like celebrating Saint Patrick's Day before I came to Japan.

So on Saturday I paid 1000 yen to hear Sagi from Iwakuni play "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes. Id never heard bagpipes before in my life. I dont think experiencing them played indoors by a Japanese self-proclaimed beginner was the best idea.

We went to the local Irish Pub (we actually always go there, this holiday is just a happy coincidence) and Guiness was only 500 yen so that was fantastic. I dont really have anything else to write about this night, but I need a few more lines so my photos are properly formatted on this post. If I didnt write this much they'd all be shoved together at the top and I wouldnt be able to go to sleep knowing how unattractive my blog has become. No one reads this shit anyway.

Oh and I dont smoke. *cough* I was just holding it for the cameraman. *cough*

Tomorrow I have my first Japanese lesson with my new teacher. It's at 10AM. That will be painful.

And Liz is coming in like a week and a half! Squeeeeel!

Dustin, Me, Ashley, Nick


ElizT said...

We DO read it.

Jon said...

I forgot what i was going to write. I'm just too distracted by the word verification.

Jeannette said...

What!? You read this!?

Jon, Im sorry about the verification, but it was necessary to keep out the evil-doers.

josh pincus is crying said...

Hey! I read this shit!

Dan said...

bagpipes are scottish. I never got why they are a staple on St. Patrick's Day. We're all Celts, I guess.

Afreud of Myself said...

Nick clearly spends a lot of time on getting his beard-line 'just right'. I admire that in a man.

Jeannette said...

Haha, he probably does.