Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Best Blog Friend

Im not one to have internet friends (HA!), but when I came into work today* and saw a package tumbling out of my mailbox I knew I made a brand new BBFFL (I just coined that acronym). At first I had no clue who the name on the return address was (everyone but me uses pseudonyms), but when I ripped through the box I was shocked and delighted! I knew exactly who sent me the most extensive stash of voyeur porn ever!

Just kidding.

Inside the box was a stack of discs with This American Life podcasts burnt on! And strawberry marshmallows! And other snacks this horrible country will never sell (at least in that kind of quantity)!

For those of you not paying attention, my reason for needing free podcasts shipped to me is that Im stealing some slow wi-fi here, so I cant download jack (even my beloved voyeur porn).

This post is to formally thank LSL (who also sent me a bunch of books during the Japan Book Drive. Now, I know some of you are saying, Jeannette, I send you stuff, too. Where's my link? Obviously, you're not sending me enough. But seriously, I am totally grateful for everything everyone has sent me (btw, so far Lauren is winning, if we're counting packages), but the stuff from LSL is a bit more surprising because I only started reading her blog like a week ago (err--I told you, shoddy connection).

Everyone is too nice to me. Not just in Blogland, but in real life as well. And the saddest part is I cant repay anyone back, it's not because I dont want to, it's because in my selfish mind I will never have a concept of what you need or want. It's true, ask Lauren.

*I didnt not give you my home address. I have a sign on my door telling Mr. JP that if Im not home he should redirect any packages to my school across the street.


LSL said...

Yay! Access to Ira in an inalienable right. Right?

Andrew said...

This post made me think of a couple of things.

1. When you said that you missed This American Life, I realized that I had a year or so of them saved up and that I should burn them on a CD for you. Its a good thing that you can find strangers on the Internet that have more follow through than I do. (Although would say that she isn't that surprised.)

2. Just over the past weekend, I finally got around to to stopping by my parents house to give my mom her birthday present. (I don't know how you refer to her, "Grammy", "Grandma", "Nana", "The little old woman who lives in a shoe", etc.) It was a DVD of the 1st season of the This American Life TV show. Did you see any of it? (It was broadcast on Showtime last summer.)

3. Are you still looking for books to read? I'm nearly done with the book my mom bought me for Christmas called "This is your brain on music" Its an amazing whirlwind of neuroscience, anthropology, pop culture, physics, history, and autobiography. When I'm done with it, I could ship it off to you. (The author will quickly jump from issues of how the difference in octaves have some basis in the physics of sound waves, but the 12 notes within an octave just seem to be a cultural artifact, to the fact that you can recognize an octave by the thinking of the first two sang in the melody of "Over the Rainbow", etc.)

4. If you like This American Life, have you ever listened to RadioLab? I'd like to describe it as This American Life meets the Firesign Theater, but you're probably too young to know who the Firesign Theater are. (I'm too young to know who the Firesign Theater are) How about "This American Life done by a bunch of Foley Artists"?