Thursday, March 6, 2008

Reason Number Seven

That Ill never get married (or have friends).


Skulldaggery said...

I wouldn't mind fucking a pig in a pig sty house, going to work to take care of it, and loving it for the rest of my life until death does us part.

but I mean a real pig.

ElizT said...

There's a thought!
But what you show is not too bad.

Jeannetto said...

A-- oh no you di-int!

Frederik Jurk said...

When I lived alone my place looked like this, only worse. Imagine random piles of useless stuff closing in from all sides of the room. I even had all my clothes on the floor. And my books. It was horrible.

Now I am at least resonably tidy, but I still love just putting stuff somewhere and leaving it there for a month.