Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why I Like My Job

I like explaining random American things to the students for no reason whatsoever. Like today I was hungry and asked a woman if she'd ever had Mexican food. She said no and I spent fifteen minutes telling her all about tacos, burritos, and guacamole (I'd say something like, Avacado. You understand? Ok. Smash. Add ingredients, for example, salt and lime.). But the best part is I get to draw while I'm talking. There was a whole Mexican feast on the paper by the time I was done.

I taught someone else about Thanksgiving. That was tougher than I thought it would be (remind me never to bring that up again). I talked about it while drawing turkeys, pilgrims, indians, the May Flower.

And I explained to a sweet, shy woman how to make hot chocolate and smores (I just ran with marshmallows). And made her promise she'd try it and report back. She giggled. I drew a campfire scene.

One thing I dont like about my job: today was pay day. I got no pay.


ElizT said...

When you move on to somewhere that pays you they will have lost a good teacher; I bet there aren't many who tell what the students really want to know, and illustrate like that!

LSL said...

Crap. No pay is rough.

I just loved explaining things to my Japanese friends. Smores was a good one. And those pictures look like they could have been right outside my old house, too. I freakin love Japan.

There are tons of Japanese businesses who each employ their own English teachers. The pay is great, too. I imagine that already being in the country would really help you. You might just want to ask around. I had a friend that used to work at Mitsubishi, but there are other businesses, too.

Frederik Jurk said...

Pay day but no pay. What´s up with this shit?

I somehow like the electric lines in the sky in the pictures below. And the front house in thefirst picture could be a southern germany house, too. And is it just me or are the sidewalks really narrow?

Also, did you already see a large flock of little school kids in bright colours cross the street? THAT is Japan for me (in my mind).

Jeannette said...

I regret not taking photos of the school kids in their yellow hats and red backpacks back when I used to wake up before 2.

James said...

you should totally read david sedaris' essay about taking a french class and all the students squabbling over how the holidays work in their own country. freakind hilarious. I'll find it for you.