Saturday, October 27, 2007

Turning Japanese

Let's lighten the mood and forget about all this "bankruptcy" stuff. So, below I document my second attempt of dying my hair (or denying my roots?). What is not pictured it the 30 minutes I spent at the pharmacy looking at boxes and trying to figure out from the design and model on front what exactly the product does. The first stuff I bought did nothing, but it had an amazing applicator that only technology advanced Japan couldve developed. It was like a comb, and the product was completely drip free (and unproductive). The second attempt got the results I wanted plus many bonus side effects.

First, the tools. Who needs directions? I've been doing this since I was 12.

The "foam" was more of a drippy bubbly water, that stained everything it touched.

It was all over the place, my neck, hands... the sink, floor, washing machine. Luckily my roommate was there to document and moisten paper towels for me.

I scrubbed my skin all night, but the next day I still looked like I'd been punched in the neck and hand. And like a gaijin dying to fit in. Which I'm not!


Mim said...

When things look down, dye your hair! I love it. Works for me,

Anonymous said...

so i guess u were going for the red streak look.
oh one more thing about nova which u probably know but just in case. There's info at the british and aussie embassy websites about refunds return home fight tickets and such if ur interested. Remember where ever you go your going to need a work visa issued out side of that country most likely. (could be wrong on that for europe) Hope things turn good, im mean after all u got a new dye job things have to be getting better. michael dailey

Ellis Nadler said...

The text on the box says it's a contraceptive kit!

Jon said...

HAHAAHa! I love you Ellis

and you too Jeannette. Even more now that you are more asian ;)