Saturday, October 27, 2007


My company has filed for bankruptcy. Ive been been with my coworkers all day watching the Japanese press conferences and having no idea what's going on. No matter how hard I concentrate I just cant understand Japanese.

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What does this mean for me? I have no idea.


Mim said...

this sucks. I have emailed a friend in japan to see if he has any leads, but probably won't hear from him for a week. Do you have a plane ticket home?

Jeannette said...

I dont have a ticket home. I dont want one! I can stay in this apartment for at least 30 days, I think. But the place could also be paid up til the end of the year... we dont know. There is no one around to answer these questions.

I dont plan to go back to Boston, though. Even if Japan/Korea is a bust. I have another city in mind. But for now I'll keep plugging away here, and hope I can stretch this 20,000yen really really far.

Anonymous said...

Talked to a woman at work who used to live/work in Japan..she said, "Oh, she could work for Nova. I know so and so and whoosieso...I broke the news to her gently..she was on the phone all afternoon...

No leads from me, but that Auntie Mim..she knows everyone...maybe you could get work in the Pink Zippered Purse factory?