Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Many Spiders

These spiders are everywhere.

Oh crap, my boredom followed me from Massachusetts. I guess it's just me, then. Last night my roomie and I spent a good hour sitting and staring in the kitchen. Then we went for a walk and "adopted" a little plant. He needed us.

Today I spent some time going to the grocery store, bank, and an electronics store. The bank took forever. I was just cashing a $100 traveler's check. In Japan there is so much paperwork for everything.

I read a comic book in a coffee shop for an hour or so.

Then I walked around Kudamatsu a bit. I saw some fish in the river and got a giant mosquito bite on my forehead. I should be drawing more. Maybe I'll do some of that right now.


Anonymous said...

so i see u have found and are getting familar with more of the local wildlife there.... not sure if they have monkeys that far south. michael dailey

tofusquirrel said...

Cool spider! I hope those are all outside and not inside! How did you get a giant mosquito bite on your head?!?! Are you sure a monkey didn't bite you?

Glad to hear that you're going to draw. I'd love to see some portraits of the people around there.

Miss you!!

Anonymous said...

if you get a spider bit then you will turn into spiderlady!! then you wont be bored any more
HOW ABOUT THAT miss you!

josh pincus is crying said...

is there that much in your kitchen to stare at for an hour?


Prozacville said...

I now see where all those manga artists get their ideas for monsters from. That's a fucking scary spider.

d said...

dude. you're famous. check it out.

Skulldaggery said...


your thrilling adventures never cease to entertain me to the bone.

By the way I hate spiders.

No but really you should go sit somewhere and flip little school girl's skirts up with a stick. and then sit around and poke dairy queen spiral poops with the same stick. that'll cure boredom.

Or that drawing thing.

CAUTION: contents under pressure said...

Yes, too much paper work. There is a point where too much paper work becomes inefficient.

A Japanese standard.

red-handed said...

This picture is 3 days old! What are you doing over there? Interacting?