Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fake Sick

I didnt go into work today. I called out sick. I decided today will be better spent finding a new job and doing some laundry.

The situation is bizarre. They're closing massive amounts of school, teachers are being relocated, quitting and going home, or finding other work. So no one would give a shit if I left. It would help them.

Even when I called out sick today, I had to call the Osaka office. Osaka is far away, but that's how this company works. I dont have any managers to fight with, give ultimatums, or ask questions.

There is this one guy in Hiroshima who's like my boss and possible knows that I am not getting the salary advance I was promised. And I fully intend to bitch him out over the phone next time he answers. Because they havent send me any notes telling me that money isnt coming.

That's another thing about not getting paid yesterday. The company didnt say shit about it. Monday we received a fax that pay would be delayed until Friday. Friday came and went...?

I realize now I'll have to really focus on getting a new job, even if September's pay comes through soon. And then there is always October's pay to worry about next month (a much fatter check for me). I know I will get paid eventually, but I need to make sure I can survive in Japan long enough for that day to come.

(Not to mention my stack of unpaid bills in the US I was going to take care of with my advance.)

A friend, and one of the teachers at my school is booking her ticket back to England this weekend. My roommate doesnt plan on working past October 31st. She said she'd travel and go back home.

And I really wanted to go to Iwakuni on Monday, to get some Tex-Mex food and see some old bridge.

Ok, no more blogger, time to send out some frikkin resumes.


LSL said...

I lived in Iwakuni :) Not sure where that tex-mex is coming from . . .

I'm crossing my fingers for you that something works out and you're able to stay and get back into that euphoric phase.

Anonymous said...

Start bailing and forget the texmex ur in deep kimchi. Time to work for yourself keep sending them resumes out and hopefully u'll hear back from someone mean time u better think about a ticket out of there, if u dont already have one. And the hell with calling osaka let them call you. Talk to anyone and everyone over there u know including the japanese u have taught, if they are adults, or any adults for that matter that might have some insight to english teaching jobs. Dont be afraid to ASK. michael dailey

josh pincus is crying said...

as a long shot, you could try contacting Peter Payne, the guy who runs He's an American that run a website selling Japanese products world-wide. He used to teach ESL and talks about it on his blog alot. He lives in Japan and seem anxious to help fellow Americans. Email him. It couldn't hurt. Good luck, kiddo.

Dan said...

are you watching the Sox right now? Dice-K is totally kicking ass. Suzuki style!

red-handed said...

Bad company. Bad.

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Exciting to read it this were fiction...except sad to know it's not fiction. Hope things fall into place for you.

Prozacville said...

Give yourself a cut-off point, but you've got nothing to lose in doing the CV thing full-on until then. Holding thumbs for ya.