Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another "Run In" With The Law

Jeannette Langmead paper cranesI guess I'll start with... I learned how to make paper cranes. It was a small goal I had set for myself ever since I picked up a random pack of origami paper from 7-11 one night. I had the idea that instead of keeping all the cranes and letting them overrun my apartment (yeah, Im talking to you), I'd take them to the river, douse them in vodka, and set them on fire. This had been the plan for weeks... or days.

So the other night after a bottle of red wine [each] I forced my roommate, neighbor, and a teacher from Tokuyama (who has the good sense to be going home) to make cranes in the kitchen. We decided after all we'd been through at work the last few days it was the perfect time to go light these guys on fire. So we gathered our supplies and went.

Jeannette Langmead paper cranes

As far as I can recollect, it worked like a charm and everything was going fine. We were quietly standing on the bridge lighting the little birds ablaze and throwing them down to the water... where they softly floated away, bringing with them all of our troubles.

Actually, it was dark, and once they fell you couldnt see much.

But, since it's Kudamatsu, this paper-pyro game lasted about five minutes before the cops showed up. We all knew the routine, alien card, sumimasen and arigato. As the cops were leaving it dawned on me, we need a picture! So the four of us ran back to the one newbie cop saying picture, picture! He looked a little confused, but he agreed. I think he thought we wanted him to take a picture of us. Once I snapped the [really awful] photo below he ran back to his cop car. And the gaijin stumbled home and assumably went to bed.


Anonymous said...

right idea wrong season lol. your alil late for sending things down the river or way to early depending how u want to look at it. you have to wait for Obon dori
to do things like that legally. then the whole counrty does it. So if your still there come august you'll get to see wht i mean. hope your job hunting brings u some big fat juicy job better then the one you have (had)
oyasumi onna no gaijin : michael dailey

Frederik Jurk said...

I badly need this kind of fun in my live more often again. Fuck stupid just going out and drinking (not that I do that, I hate that), but actually being creative, like those dudes that went into the music toy section and played the melody of the PC game DOOM on one of the Casiotones.

Fun is the most fun when you´re not ashamed of being retarded.

By the way, the foto of the cranes looks really beautiful. NEW DESKTOP IMAGE (I badly needed a new one anyways.)

Prozacville said...

What a kinky looking copper!

Sorata said...

HAHAHAHA sounded you guys had a good time... now go send more resume out!!!

BTW, "photo" in Japanese is "shashin", just so you won't scare other people next time. :D

red-handed said...

I think we all know how appropriate fire is for just about any situation. Good work.

tofusquirrel said...

HAHAHA! priceless! you need to make a comic of this!

Dan said...


Is that cop giving you a bunny ear?

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Great story!