Saturday, January 17, 2009

End of the Year Post

In my usual lazy blogger fashion, I am just now getting to some kind of end of the year/new year/what a year post. I'm not one who remembers things easily. In fact, I probably havent thought about what's happened to me this year at all. But, now I'll explore my blog archives and hopefully dig up some memories before Motto comes over to play with Raspberry-chan.

Why tagged me in the Ten Things You Did In 2008 That You're Happy About Or Proud Of tag-a-thon. Usually I don't go for things with such horribly long names and that promote such positive feelings, but we'll see if I can't muck it up a bit.

10} Happy I visited new cities, like Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kokura, Nagoya, Kyoto, Seattle, L.A., Portland and Vancouver. No matter how lame, scary, similar, and expensive some of them may have been.

9} Proud I mastered the squatter.

8} Happy I made it to my brother's wedding last summer.

7} Happy I quit smoking.

6} Proud I learned a bit of cooking.

5} Proud I found a new job in Japan, after the company I came here to work for went bankrupt.

4} Happy I quit that shit job to find an even better one in the same city.

3} Proud after coming to Japan with only "arigatou" under my belt, I learned how to read/write/speak/understand a chunk of Nihongo.

2} Happy I met Motto.

1} Happy I finally got a bunny!!


Anonymous said...

Wow I never thought little old Jenny could use the word Happy and Proud so many times!!!! And so Happy And Proud Of you

Rebel said...

My friends and I were just talking about the squatters today at dinner (yes dinner... it's fucking Thailand) and cried till we laughed or laughed till we cried... still not sure.

PLEASE tell me how you're supposed to use the bucket. I mean, we splash, but THEN WHAT? This is a very important issue. Email me any tips you can.

Jeannette said...

What bucket? In Japan they flush, come with toilet paper (usually), and sometimes a little bar to hold on to.

You should see how they treat Western toilets here, even in karaoke bars they have heated seats, water spraying each hole, and a push-button flusher.

ElizT said...

Where has all that fiery angst gone to?

Jeannette said...

Oh, there's some angst in there, I'm sure.

why said...

I'm so happy that you played the tagging game! and so proud of your list! :P

p.s. I love your angstiness. Don't ever change.

LSL said...

Yay, this made me happy and proud. And angsty.