Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Fridge-top Garden

fridge-top gardenWith the world economy going down the drain, I figured it was about time I learn to fend for myself. I cant forget the time I walked into my local Japanese supermarket, and felt a twinge of panic when I saw the shelves near empty. The apocalypse is coming, I thought. When you have no internet and the newspapers are written in gibberish, major world events like that can spring up on you. It turns out Max Value was just being closed down to be turned into a super-pharmacy. Next time I may not be so lucky.

Really though, now that I have this sweet little bunny dwelling in my apartment I have a load of new responsibilities. I have to feed her, change her litter box, keep her from electrocuting herself. The "experts" (or, know-it-all-rabbit-freaks-I-am-slowly-turning-into) at claim pellet diets are really horrible for bunnies, turns them into ferocious wererabbits, and we should be feeding them fresh fruits and vegetables everyday.

Um, I dont even feed myself fresh fruits and vegetables. You can't find an apple in this country for less than 100 yen. The 54 cherries pictured go for about $175USD. Shit is expensive here. But my poor little Raspberry-chan needs her food, and I can't shell out 500 yen a day on basil, spinach, and carrots anymore. So, I've decided to start a little garden-experiment. I've wanted to grow something since I moved into my new place, it has a pretty big balcony (for Japan), about 3X20 feet, and it gets good sun.

As with most things, I'm not particularly good at gardening. I vaguely remember growing lima beans when I was 12, but the plants never produced anything and I got bored. My one green success is "Courtney Cox Arquette," the house plant I used to keep on my Illustration desk in university, now being taken care of by Liz.

So, the plan is to get things started on top of my refrigerator, and if all goes well move everything outside in March.

Oh, and, as usual, this is a little bit more difficult because I'm in Japan.


Jonathan said...

I am so proud of your new green thumb!

The 327th Male said...

The top of the fridge is an unconventional place for a garden. It's also an unconventional place to put my website!

ElizT said...

Our bunny loved nasturtiums for treats and they are easy.

ElizT said...

Leaves, mostly, sometimes a flower.

Jeannette said...

Sweet, how do you spell that in Japanese?

ElizT said...

You know your way around the computer better than I do but:
In Japanese transliterated Katakana
it is na-su-ta-ti-[yu]-mu.
In transliterated Kanji,
Or you could just say 'Tropaeolum major'

LSL said...

Is that a complex garbage calendar I see on your fridge?