Monday, January 5, 2009

in the case of the missing slipper

As originally posted on, where rabbits can, apparently, type.

It's kinda cold in Japan. I woke up early this morning and couldnt find one of my white fuzzy slippers. So, I just put the left one on, and sat on the couch, with a blanket on my lap. Raspberry, who had been in her cage all night comes running at me to steal my blanket. We battle. She surrenders. Exhausted, I go back to bed.

Later, when I woke back up, still looking for my slipper, I peeked into her cardboard box, the one she'd been dashing into every time she lost a fight to steal my blanket. Well, wouldnt you know, but inside the box with the four inch cut-out door sat my missing slipper!

Questions. How could she possibly get it in there? Was she holding it hostage for later negotiations? If not, what was she planning on doing with an adult size slipper, anyway?


I start back at work tomorrow. Three weeks vacation well spent, I'd say.


ElizT said...

A girl needs her dolly.

red-handed said...

Haven't you ever seen Watership Down? Rabbits are tragic and ferocious.

ElizT said...

That story was based on The Private Life of the Rabbit by Ronald Lockley, which I found interesting.

why said...

Hey there Jeannette, cool slipper story. :-) Have followed your blog on and off for a while and love its quirkiness... By the way, I just tagged you to write a "10 things you are proud of / happy about doing in 2008" entry... (Here's the link: Hope you'll play! Happy New Year!

ElizT said...

Gad! Run for cover everyone.

tofusquirrel said...

she's in love with your slipper!