Monday, December 22, 2008

Did I mention...?

So my B.F.F.L. Jon is giving it all up and moving to Vietnam next month. Apparently, I made the orient cool again. He's volunteering to help save the planet, or at least give us a few more seconds of clean air before it all goes to shit. You can read a much better explanation of why he's going and what he's doing here, on his blog. Before he goes he's coming to Japan for a few days, which is like sticking your toe in the pool to check the temperature before you jump in.

Jon is the biggest eco-freak I've ever met, since high school, before "green" was printed on t-shirts, he was packing me waste free lunches and sighing at me when I didn't recycle properly. And recycling is just the tip of the iceberg for Jon. Like any modern eco-freakian (just coined that, it will catch on soon), he doesn't smell like patchouli or smoke pot (usually), he doesnt own Birkenstocks or have a beard. You could like this guy.

So, go read about Jon's interesting fund raising techniques (waffles and haircuts) and leave a supportive comment (or even more supportive donation) at Chronicles of the Next Floor.


Rebel said...

I'll have to check that out. I want to visit Viet Nam before I leave Asia, but Cambodia's next on the list.

Jonathan said...

Nice photo! Is that what it looks like? You seem to have done more research on Vietnam than me!

Kidding! You should have also mentioned that I get completely obsessed with things, and have been in the depths of research for a couple months now, only to poke my head out for air and go to work, only to continue to research covertly while I should have been working hard.

Don't worry, I covered my tracks and deleted my browser history before I left ;)