Friday, January 16, 2009


Jon left this morning for Vietnam. You can read about some of our adventures on his blog.

So, I guess it's really cheap to hire a maid in Vietnam, and all foreigners are expected to do it. That alone is making me consider a transfer to the communist poverty stricken country. I mean, could you imagine no longer having to do dishes? Maybe she'd even clean out Raspberry-chan's litter box for a shiny American nickel. That'd be sweet. Vietnam rocks.

While Jon was here my diet drastically changed. I went from canned tomato and noodles everyday to real meals. We made kung pao tofu and veggies, hot and sour soup, real tomato sauce, roasted vegetables, and Motto even stepped it up a notch, making us all homemade tempura and oishi soba! It was quite a week.

Raspberry-chan really misses him.


Rebel said...

I heard the same thing about maid service in Thailand, but it has not come to fruition! I think it might be one of those 'and the streets are paved with gold' type stories.

That tempura looks awesome. We splurged & had Japanese food yesterday - yum!

red-handed said...

I have maid service. Unfortunately, that maid is me. And I service others.

Jonathan said...

I miss you already!
I had a lot of fun visiting.
See you soon!