Thursday, January 8, 2009

im waiting at otake station. i have 10 minutes until my train and my iPod died. im writing this on my phone to hopefully cure some nervous energy. i never really know what's gunna come out when i start typing. kinda like drawing. something prolific? not likely. entertaining? well, a lot passes for entertainment. take my no-longer secret addiction to
im meeting jon in less than an hour. even though im sure he'll be a jet-lagged mess im excited about it.
it's interesting when someone from my past life, or maybe real life, can come witness this. and see my bunny.


maTT said...

It is funny reading you blog and then John's blog.

As I follow the path until the moment you guys actually meet.

21 century magic.

LSL said...

otake by iwakuni? ack! that was my station! i lived a bit away from there.