Sunday, May 18, 2008

Things Ive Learned Since Coming to Japan (1-25)

My friend Ashley and I have decided to cumulate lists of things we've learned (that we never expected to) since coming to Japanamation. Here are the first 25.

25. The inside of a kitchen sink can/should be cleaned.
24. American TV dramas can be entertaining.
23. I can get naked in a bath with a dozen naked Asian women.
22. I like Mariah Carey songs... a lot.
21. How to make (really good) chili.
20. How to wear a skirt and heels and not feel ridiculous.
19. I'll never smoke again.
18. I'm adaptable.
17. Some say "coming," some say "going."
16. I will pay $6 for 12 grapes.
15. I can "do my business" squatting.
14. I dont need a car.
13. How to wake up at the exact moment you enter your train stop.
12. I can go three months without a job in a foreign country.
11. I can go on interviews and find a new job in a foreign country!
10. Anything can be communicated with gestures.
9. Something dirty I cant write here.
8. People live in Hiroshima.
7. What's in John's hatch.
6. How to make a White Russian.
5. I have amazing friends (cheesy, I know).
4. Tanuki!
3. I can go weeks without the internet.
2. I'll bike up steep hills daily, to get my shit done.
1. Japanese.


Andrew said...

13. How to wake up at the exact moment you enter your train stop.

When I was going to school but living at my parents, I used to take the commuter train home. I used to do a good job at dozing until I reached my stop, except for the couple times when I didn't. There were a few times that I had to try to find someone to fetch me from the next stop over. Or one time two stops. (usually it was just waking up after leaving the station, rather than just before it stopped. Maybe it just took a little too long to wake) Slightly more difficult than waking up at the right time was to, from an state of disorientation, remember to grab my guitar case from the rack above the seats.

Of course if you woke up and found yourself in Norfolk, it would be a lot stranger.

tofusquirrel said...

i strongly agree with #s 4 and 5!!!!

ElizT said...


Sarah said...

yay Jeannette!
you're awesome. what a great exercise!

LSL said...

What a great list. I love this!

Prozacville said...


If you're going to do a link to 'naked in the bath', can we please have SOMEONE actually NAKED IN THE FRICKEN BATH!!!!!

Not just pictures of jousting japanese fuckwits.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

i want to know the dirty thing. you can email me privately if that'd be easier...

i actually just got asked to do a logo for a thing in japan... foreign women living in japan! maybe i can pick your brain?

hi i'm tam by the way