Saturday, September 22, 2007

Uh, good afternoon.

So now it is a little after noon. Ive been up since five (see previous post). At around seven I went for a walk, nothing was open, not even The Mall. I couldnt find any coffee. I came back here and waited around for ten o'clock, when this town gets bustling! I sat watching a documentary about some sort of animal and checked my emails (not enough, guys) and then headed back over to The Mall. I bought a pillow, shampoo, and hangers. So it took a few hours.

Im still not on my computer, so I cant really add pictures yet. You guys have to see The Mall. It's a big concrete building with a green sign that says The Mall. And there are some palm trees. And Asians.

Attention nerds: If anyone can give me some computer tips, I want to get my internet working! I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 (I know). My wireless card works, but when I plug in the cable that doesnt work. It was the same situation in my house in Walpole, so I know it is my machine. Anyone know what I need? Maybe a driver to instal? I tried "repairing" the connection, and it said I needed to renew my IP address and call my ISP. I totally would, but my ISP doesnt speak English. Help!

TV from the hotel in Osaka

I appreciate everyone's comments. Whoever come visits me first gets to buy me dinner.

So I just killed another twenty minutes. I think I am going to borrow my roomie's bike and find city hall to get my alien card. Then probably go back to The Mall.


james said...

Haha, OJ's big in Japan. but I don't know anything about computers. But what you're doing looks really cool.

tofusquirrel said...

your roommie sounds nice!

Dan said...

At least you're up to date on the OJ situation. Hint: he did it. all of it.