Saturday, September 15, 2007

Four Days

Today is Friday and I leave Tuesday. No better time to start blogging about my move to Japan than now.

I don't know what's going on with the company Im working for. I'll admit, I didn't put much research into where Id apply to. I knew of a few people who used them to teach English in Japan. They survived. That was good enough for me.

Maybe I should have been skeptical when twenty-two days after I received my rejection letter I get a phone call from their Boston office asking me where my paperwork was. Apparently I did get the job and a "database error" caused me to spend those twenty-two days in one of the deepest depressions of my life.

Once I knew I got the job, on June 22nd, there was a lot of paperwork and waiting around. They were late with letting me know where I'd be moving and teaching. I didn't get that information until September 11th. With an apology attached.

Then on Wednesday they called to confirm I had my work visa and yen. They also let me know that due to something-or-another in the Japan office, my $1,200 salary advance would probably be delayed four to six weeks. I expected to get it after two. And of course at this point I have no way of getting together a couple of extra hundred bucks.

Then, there was this morning. I leave in four days. All my stuff is in boxes at my dad's house. I quit my job. I spent over $500 on new "professional" clothes. Im wicked busy with a million things to do (as you can tell by this super ugly blog). I get a phone call from the Boston office telling me they heard some of the teachers weren't paid on time this month. The man on the phone suggests I wait a month to leave.


I cant wait a month. I don't have a job. I have a ton of bills. I already said goodbye to people.

Thanks for making me feel super confident about my flight to Japan. This isnt going to help my brand new stress-induced-adult-onset acne. I totally don't expect anyone to be at the airport in Osaka when I land. Hey, maybe if Im lucky the whole company will go under the day I arrive.

EDIT (I just received this email):

Dear Jeannette,

I refer to our conversation this morning. I informed you of our concerns about adverse speculation regarding [the company] which may affect your plans for travel to, and employment in, Japan.

We asked you to consider whether you wished to:

1) Continue with your current employment process and travel plans; or
2) Delay your departure to a future date until matters are satisfactorily clarified.

In our view it would be prudent to delay your departure pending confirmation by [the company] management that adequately responds to the adverse speculation.

In any case, we suggest that you take the precaution of bringing additional funds with you.

Would you please confirm, by return email, your decision to continue with your trip in order that we facilitate your arrival and employment in Japan.

We would be grateful for your prompt reply.

We sincerely wish you the very best.



red-handed said...

Oh, Satan! I love getting emails from that guy. There's nothing like a little digital penetration to denigrate your soul.
ps -- I hope this shit works out. You might reach out to some fellow Japan-hoppers, get some advice.

Prozacville said...

Shit, no way! Did they really write that? Fuckers. Be careful of what you say on this blog though. People have got fired for blogging about a lot less....

d said...

satan has a reputation for being on of the worst bosses on record.

be careful.

in all seriousness, who the fuck did you agree to go work for? i'm very nervous about your trip to japan. i wouldn't go over there if i were you. you might be stranded without a way back.

Anonymous said...

oy oy oy...

btw-I know this great stuff for adult acne

Jenna De Luca said...

read this.
may shed some light on things.

Jenna De Luca said...

sorry the link got cut off.

tofusquirrel said...

o no! is satan coming to you in your nightmares too? i hope things work out for you. if any snow monkeys try to pick a fight with you just let me know and i'll come beat em up! :-)

Jon said...

you could always paint more murals in Montreal. I heard a very convincing community event organiser just got some funding from the city.

josh pincus is crying said...

this does not sound good. if you would like some unsolicited fatherly advice, i'd say the whole thing sounds shifty and a bit frightening. i have a 20-year-old son and i would have researched the hell (no pun intended) out of this "opportunity" before a commitment was made. if you feel like i should mind my own fucking business, that's cool, too.
i sincerely hope everything works out for you. best of luck, kiddo.

Jeannette said...

It's a huge and well known company. Ive read up on them, known people who've worked for them, this stuff has never happened before.

And Jon, it's getting a bit cold for murals, eh?

Frederik Jurk said...

Ah yeah, and all this when going to a country where barely anyone speaks English. You´d think they do, but most of them don´t. (Or so I heared...)

As long as you don´t have to sleep in one of those things...

I wish you good luck!

Prozacville said...

Fuck it. It's an adventure. You're young. Young people DO adventures. It's all win-win.


d said...

i agree with steve. although i am still nervous. if you need me to come get you in japan and bring you back home, call me.

Jeannette said...

D, I totally will. Youre still coming over, right?

patrick said...

i hope you got the package!

have a nice flight, j

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! dont tell me u got into one of those hack companies Jennette. shit no! Dam should have ck this out, there so many bad Enlish schools over there and the orient its.... fuked.
I thougth u wherre going with the jet program or another reputable company sounds like u migt be in for more fun then u d' wished for. :( hope it all works out for u though. michael dailey

Anonymous said...

hey if it gets to bad let me know i might be able to help. michael daiely