Thursday, September 20, 2007



I am in Japan.

There is a small chance I left the wire that connects my digital camera to my computer at home. I'll find out Friday when they deliver my luggage.

I remembered my passport, so that's good.

Im not really sure what time/day it is. But I do have to be up in seven hours to continue my journey to Kudamatsu. So far the trip has been pretty good. Except that I packed way too much and had to throw a lot of stuff out at the Boston airport.

And I exchanged too much money at the Detroit airport, where it was basically $1=100yen. Not good. But the four hours sitting at the bar was good. The flight was only bearable because of my new Jeffery Brown comics and the inflatable neck pillow I bought impulsively.

And the company was really great with picking us up at the airport, setting up the luggage delivery, buying bus tickets, taking us to the hotel.

Right now Im at a hotel in Osaka. It's a small room and thank god Im all by myself. I did go out with my fellow travelers tonight to get sushi and drinks. It was easy to order food with no fish. We're all cautiously optimistic about the company. So many people have quit, they need us! Tomorrow when I meet my roommate I'll find out what's really up with the pay.

From what Ive seen of Osaka it seems really fun. I only walked around a bit, most of the time holding four huge bags and sweating. Everything here is so small and bright. There are tons of bicycles. You could play dominoes down the streets. The people are so hip and pretty. I wish I could be more poetic or descriptive for you, but they'll be pictures and drawings. That's what Im good at.

With all the uncertainty, it was really worth coming here. Even if I dont end up staying the whole year.

I bought some weird juice with a purple carrot on it.

I'm so tired and a total zombie right now. And the next few days are going to be crazy with travel, paperwork, trains, bank accounts, finding things, updating my blogs, my training in Hiroshima, sleep. And finding an adapter before my laptop battery dies.


tofusquirrel said...

100 yen is $1.00. It might seem like you have more, but it's the same as what you give them. You just have to move the point over two places.

I'm so happy to hear that you are meeting people. That is awesome that you already had sushi and drinks. I'm sure it was nice when you got off the plane.

I'm so jealous. I wish I was there w/u to enjoy everything. I love Japan and I knew you would too.
I can't wait to see photos!!!! Good luck tomorrow!

d said...

you made it! and are out socializing! who are you? and what did you do with jeannette?

i'm glad that things seem positive after the rocky start.

Jon said...

i'm crying right now. you're all grown up...

Anonymous said...

weird purple carrot post a picture..or better yet send me the label.

patrick said...

im glad that you made it there okay.

ElizT said...

All the very best Jeanette!
Two of the things I liked about Japan were that a hedgehog is called the equivalent of 'needlemouse' and that a certain canned soft drink was called 'Sweat'. Have fun.

Jeannette said...

Liz, I could have got a better exchange rate, like 85 cents=100 yen, if I ordered it from the bank.

D, you love rocks.

Thanks everyone. I like knowing y'all are taking an interest in my adventure. And I will have pictures of all the crazy juices I consume.

tofusquirrel said...

OOOOH. I'm sorry :-\. At least it wasn't the other way around!! :-D !

Prozacville said...

I love your new blog.

I want you to update it about 500,000 times a second.

Make that a nano-second.

Everything's measured in Japan by nano-seconds, isn't it?

Prozacville said...

Everyone's been to Japan except me.

You well-travelled fuckers.