Friday, September 21, 2007

1/3 in Kudamatsu

Ever been to Kudamatsu? Or Kooder, as I like to call it? No?

Everything is going awesome. Only complaints: it is HOT and I am sweaty (I didnt pack any shorts). It's like returning to the land of my youth. Also, my hands are raw from carrying my luggage across the planet. But Im glad I over packed. I will not find Bristol board in this neighborhood. Last complaint, my computer sucks and only works with wireless. We dont have wireless. We have wireness. Luckily my new roommate is letting me use her computer. Oh, and last last complaint, I just showered and had no towel. It's in my bag that'll be delivered tomorrow night.

Today I traveled to my apartment. I took the train by myself. It made me really happy. This is exactly what I wanted from this trip, challenges in everything. Im in my euphoric phase, everything is new and I have to use my survival skills and brain cells. Not right now though, whenever I write these posts Im exhausted.

So I am one of three English teachers in my city. I live with one, and one Australian is across the hall. My roommate has been living alone for two months. And in this place that mustve been hard. The main attractions include the mall and a burger place (both are wicked awesome!). Roomie was extremely nice and picked me up from the train station, showed me around, took me to the grocery store, turned on the A.C. Euphoric phase.

This living situation reminds me of Massachusetts, where an hour of travel is needed to get to the city, and four hours to get to THE CITY (Tokyo=N.Y.).

I may not be making any sense. Im really a better writer than all this.

Once I get the camera/internet figured out I'll give you a video tour of the apartment. And trust me, getting the internet working is priority #1. I think I'll be doing A LOT of drawing and blogging here. You know, when Im not at the mall.

Only English TV station is discovery channel. SCORE!


Jon said...

have you received my e-mail? So... is this town somewhat similar to Walpole? How is it laid out?

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you!!!

I have never red you so happy befor you must be surprised to even feel this good with olny one or two small complaints

so what I'm trying to say is all it takes for you to be happy is you a millon miles away from anyone you know

Frederik Jurk said...

Man, you have DISCOVER CHANNEL? I envy you OMG ROFL WTF.

No seriously, I really envy you, I´ve never even been out of europe so far... I could use my survival brain cells again, too (if I EVER needed them so far).

I really hope you just stay in the EUPHORICE PHASE!!!!!! the whole year. I mean, what would the next phase be? Anxious devastating nervous breakdown? I hope not!


Frederik Jurk said...

Sorry, that´s "euphoric phase", not "euphorice phase". Though time will tell if you get to eat some eupho-rice in Japan sometimes...

Prozacville said...

Euphoria is good. The manic side of manic depression etc.

Andrew said...

Its funny that you mentioned Australia, even just in passing. Right before looking in my RSS aggragator for new articles (including yours) I was thinking about your blog and the "about me" section on it. I grabbed a globe to try to figure out where is the farthest spot in the world from Florida, and Australia seems to be just about it.

Jeannette said...

Jon, Kooder is the new Pole, for realz.

After the euphoric phase a deep depression sinks in. This is a real thing they say about culture shock. My roommate and I have discussed that two months in, she is probably in the depressed stage.

Andrew, if I visit Australia this xmas it would be pretty neat if i got killed.

Mom said...

Killed??? Geez what are you trying to do to me?? Anyway I like reading your blog. Just keep it clean...for grammom:)

Mim said...

Nice that your mom can comment.
I've spent quite a bit of time in japan, in Tokyo and Tsukuba. There is so much to see and do - beautiful countryside. Everyone is nice and very polite.
Good luck to you MA girl, and don't eat that poisonous fish

Andrew said...

Now that you've taken the Australian reference in that direction, I was also thinking about it being similar to Arthur Dent's "Stavromula Beta" in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy "trilogy".

In the book Arthur finds out that in the future he will have an incident with someone in a place called "Stavromula Beta". He then realizes that he hasn't been to "Stavromula Beta", and he won't die until after he goes there. He finds this an absolutely freeing experience, since he knows that as long as he doesn't go there, he can do anything and he won't die.

Maybe Australia can be your Stavromula Beta.