Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Circus is in Town

And by circus I mean my Aunt and Unlce! A few weeks ago Matthew and Kotoe came out to Suckuragi for a visit. They were in Japan to see Kotoe's sister's wedding, but couldnt resist a detour down to the Guchi-ken. Obviously, I gave them the grand tour-- Ell's ditch, Antonio's Yatai, and Shidax Karaoke.

The night started off well. What was supposed to be a bathroom break turned into an hour of Matt being pummeled by an old Japanese man at Ell's Ditch. He wanted to know Matt's name, occupation, birthplace, and you know, put his hand on his lap. After we said our goodbye's to all the drunken gaijin that make their usual Thursday night appearance, we headed to the yatai.

I'm sure Matt and Kotoe were very excited to meet the legendary Antonio and eat the oishii-est ramen within 10 square feet. Matt even got to fish out his own oden (which means Antonio loves him)!

There were some old business men at the yatai, and Matt and Kotoe chatted with some of them for a while. I don't know what they talked about but one crazy dude followed us into karaoke. After we said our goodbye's and got into a karaoke box there was a tappin' at the door. To our suprise the old business man, Antonio, and two gaijin wanted to join in on the fun.

Hilarious videos below:

(pervy old man)

(Antonio tearing it up)

(No, I wont post the one of my singing Mariah Carey, but with all the times it's been done and all the digital recording equipment available today, I'm sure it'll be on YouTube soon)


red-handed said...

If these posts don't start including some beatings by local police, then I'm going to stop reading.

(btw -- I finally mailed your music.)

Jon said...

I don't know what's funnier, the guy with his finger in his mouth or that long and drawn out cackling that sounds so familiar (and makes me think about how much i miss you).

Oh. And that video of you singing Mariah is soooooo going on Youtube.

Anonymous said...

your blog is totally expanding my horizons. thank you

Anonymous said...

did someone ever tell you your laugh is like an opera?

maTT said...

Their is so much more you could have added. You left out when the yatai guy catched of fire.

Sorry we left in such a rush. Wish we could have stayed longer in suckuragi.

Thank for finding a place for us in your blog.

Brian Kennedy said...

Is getting groped by crusty, old, gay, asian men normal in Japan?

Jeannette said...

MaTT, I was probably a little drunk, my memory of that night is foggy.

BriAN, yes it is.