Monday, July 7, 2008


I have many posts to write. But with the heat and my supreme laziness, I have put blogging at the bottom of my "to do." Of course, at the top was beating the New Super Mario on my DS. Which I did. Checku! チェく! And then I have 30 reports to write (tonight) and Japanese to study, tickets to book, and comics to draw...

There are more funny dentist stories to tell, like the nazi women dentist I had today who resented that I existed. I thought I was getting a teeth cleaning but got my tooth gouged out with the loudest drill ever and replaced with ill-fitting plaster that hurts when I chew. (Last appointment next week!) I didnt eat before I went so afterward I was starving and went to Ganesh to get some curry. It looked like I was a stroke victim, because I managed "futatsu kudasai" when the nazi was drugging me, I could hardly get anything to stay in my mouth.

Ok, ok, ok, but the point of this post is to say "I love Prozacville. He is the coolest blogger ever. I am kind of in love with him and I'm sure we'll make babies one day (as soon as our therapists give the OK)."

For my birthday he sent me a copy of "Should You Be Laughing at This?" by Hugleikur Dagsson, which was hilarious, and one of the best comics I've read in a while. The night I read it I actually got off my ass and started drawings something. I always appreciate when someone helps that happen.

A dirty birthday card was also in the package. It now hangs on my wall and greets all who enter my home.


Birthday Thanks Updated:

P-ville demanded I praise his genius use of a post box, and now there has been an uproar by other folk who sent me amazing birthday packages. First of all, Lauren, who sent me all the shit I ordered off the internet plus delicious birthday treats (and The New Super Mario Brothers DS game, without which this week wouldve not exsisted); My Mom and sister, for sending me the DS and other things; my Grampa, for depositing money into my bank account; Jon, for the vegan food (beef-flavored broth, nutritional yeast, curry, poutine packets, and the finest assortment of chip flavors Quebec has to offer) and the really cool comic book. And everyone who gave me real-life gifts and reads my blog and becomes jealous, thank you. Without all of you and your generosity, I probably would have just offed myself this year.


ElizT said...

Good luck with Mr P!
I worry a little about those babies though.

Anonymous said...

glad you stuck around for the next year. i am breathlessly awaiting any prozac related announcements!

Frederik Jurk said...

New Super Mario Bros? If you enjoyed that one, you MUST buy the Super Mario World port for Gameboy Advance which you can also play on the DS. Much better, much longer, best Mario game EVAH. It also has Yoshi. I mean, Yoshi, really, what more can you say.

Prozacville said...

Listed against the beneficence of all your other gifts, mine sounds somewhat paltry.

Cos that's what giving gifts is all about, y'know, fuck the 'thought', you want yours to be the best, everrrrrrrr.

Glad it got you drawing. I have a lot to thank that bloke whose name I can't spell unless I actually Google it for...