Friday, July 18, 2008

Stuck in Suckuragi

I'm considering changing my blog name. My bicycle was stolen this week, leaving me even more isolated than I was. First of all, I live in Sakuragi, a small part of Shunan city (or Tokuyama)... next to Kudamatsu (where I used to live).

So Sakuragi wasn't all bad at first. I live next to my office, there's a UniQlo closeby, a 7-11, a KFC (Ive never visited), and there were some grocery stores. For reasons unknown to me they closed both the SU-PA's in the last two months. Now, my closest grocery store is a uphill (both ways) 20 minute bike ride away. When I had a bike! Now my closest grocery store is wherever I can get if I beg a friend or coworker for a ride. This "no car" thing is not feeling very hip anymore.

Not to mention, the buses stop at 8:30PM. So I have no options to go out after work. Like, right now for example, I could be drinking beers in the park and eating snacks from the konbini with my friends. Instead I spent the whole night on the phone yelling at Indian people who work for Delta on Skype (and Orbitz, I took turns with each).

So, I'm gunna finish this can of frosting for dinner. And maybe do some drawing or something while Im stuck here.

(P.S. I have an escape plan)


josh pincus is crying said...


tofusquirrel said...

please please say you're coming back to the states!!! PLEAAASEEEE! i'm begging you! i miss you! i have a package for you with art supplies and birthday goodies etc.

ElizT said...

Escape plan seems like a good idea.

Prozacville said...


What you DRAW TOO!?!


So do I.

You learn something new about people everyday.