Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ueno Market

Another clip from Tokyo. Yum, bright red octopus.


Ellis Nadler said...

What happened next?

LSL said...

I love your videos. They bring back a lot of crazy, scary memories for me. Thanks for posting this!

Frederik Jurk said...

Ugh. It looks like plastic. Actually, it would be less repulsive if it WAS plastic. Then it would be cool and I would buy it. But not for cooking it, of course. Or maybe. Maybe I would cook it and maybe even eat it.

I think I am thinking too hard about this.

Anonymous said...

so i see ur adventures are still amusing. poor cricket.
oh and try filling up ur new tub 1st while u bathe out side it before u get in it to soak... u do bathe outside in that lil area they have dont ya ???? Damn my mansion came with a sink and not just one over the toilet. i'd get my key money back at least for that faux pas on their part but my bathrm was right as u came in to the apt too. must be some kinda nihon design feature to throw us gaijins off. well hope u enjoy the rest of ur time and ur new job works out for ya.
michael dailey

red-handed said...

Man, that's worse than the track. Elbows up, chicky, you gots ta move people.