Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Years

This unsecured wireless signal I have is kind of spotty. So this isn’t the post I wish it could be. I moved into a new apartment in Tokuyama a few days ago. So far everything here is pretty good. There was an earthquake this afternoon (I survived), there was a dead bat and a live scary cricket (now living or dead under a bowl in the living room), and there’s no bathroom sink (very inconvenient) but other than that it’s an excellent place.

Ueno Market

For New Years I headed to Tokyo for seven days, to meet up with Jon and Simone. We spent New Years night at Zojoji Temple next to Tokyo Tower. At midnight 3,000 released balloons with wishes tied to them. We didn’t have any balloons (the line was too long). It was packed there and fun nonetheless. I felt really lucky to be there, watching the monks do their bizarre ceremony, eating noodles and drinking beer, stuck in a sea of people.

After Tokyo I got back and spent the next day moving into my new place. And then the following day I went to Hiroshima to meet up with Jon again. He spent the in-between day in Fukuoka. You can never see the A-dome too many times… It was nice, though. That city is so close, I should really go more often (they have a Starbucks).


red-handed said...

Happy New Years, Ragtime Joe!

LSL said...

Aw, man, I miss Diamondo City in Hiro. That mall is great for people watching and foot massages. (The purple place kicks ass.) I used to love relaxing in the Peace Park, too. You might want to catch the Peace Festival on the 6th of Aug - it's amazing. Glad to hear the new apartment is going ok.

josh pincus is crying said...

happy new year, kiddo!

Dan said...

Ueno Market: ribbed, for her pleasure.