Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happiest Post Ever

I bought a really great pen. It's a Copic 0.05, with replaceable tips! No longer will I have to throw out my super-expensive pen after each use, or use a complicated marking method to determine how far gone it is. I love Japan! And just as soon as I plunked down the 600 yen (pen + refills) my creative impulse has put me back on the path of pen and ink, old school nibs and all. Feels like college again. It's been over a week and I havent used the Copic pen yet.

Also, I started my new job! I am employed again! And you know what this does to me, fills me with all sorts of bitter hatred of people, my life, time, money. It's the only thing that's ever truly inspired me.

The best part of my new job is I have less than six teaching hours a day. But they're split up in such a way to make it feel like 12. I do have a lot more freedom with the curriculum at this school and that keeps things interesting. Especially when I spend a night watching rented Grey's Anatomy DVDs instead of making up lesson plans. They only have up to season two here, so I have no idea if Meredith choses McDreamy or Chris O'Donnely and what happens to Dr. Burke after that gunshot injures the nerves in his hand. And I will ban you from my blog if you spoil it. Mostly because I dont want people who watch Grey's Anatomy here, anyway.

In other happy news, Liz is coming in March. No accompanying sarcastic comment.


d said...

i'm glad you threw some bitter in there. otherwise i'da thought i was someplace i hadn't expected to be.

yay new job.

Frederik Jurk said...

Replaceable tips? Nifty! How come they don´t make full metal luxury copics that have all spare parts and ink replaceable, I would buy that.

.too corporation - great name.
.too bad it doesn´t actually make multiple lines, eh?

Also, Greys Anatomy spoiler: JONATHAN DIES AND SANDRA IS PREGNANT. Maybe! Or maybe not. Most likely not, actually.

maTT said...

congrats with you new adventure.
u getting paid?

Jeannette said...


Frederik Jurk said...

Haha, don´t worry, I belong to the last batch of students that don´t have a huge number of classes to do (as we are still going to make a diploma, as opposed to the bachelor/master degree students after us). Yeah, it´s been a short semester and I did embarassingly little work, thanks to all that jobbing, which is the reason why I will have to survive without a job for some time to fully get back into the drawing stuff.

Btw, do you have a popup when you come to my blog, too? I might get these thing off it in case they add too much bullshit to the blog.

Frederik Jurk said...

PS. You have a huge talent for comments that catch me off-guard.

squirrelly said...

AAAH We're going to have so much fun!!!! :-D