Saturday, February 12, 2011

anyone who knows me...

knows i hate being in a car. especially when it's snowing. i also hate not having access to a bathroom. and traveling really stresses me out.
so imagine my delight when this morning i took the bus to Okayama and found there is no toilet on the 4 hour ride. at one point i almost just got off at a random spot i had to pee so bad.
and then the snow. a sudden storm hit my route, closing the highway and sending my bus up tiny snowy mountain roads. anyone who has ever driven with me knows...
i sat white knuckled, planning my escape in japanese.
"ok, i'll tap the driver and say, TOILET PLEASE."
"no, i'll piss my pants and spend the weekend in the leggings i packed."
"maybe i should tweet my final words."
"there's no reason i couldnt highjack a bus."

so, halfway there and we should have been there already, the driver stops at a rest stop and i run with 3 other women to the toilet for a joyous pee, only to return to the bus to have the driver hand me a bottle of tea while apologizing for the delay.
yeah, im not that crazy, no one else has opened their bottle either.
---written on my phone while staring down the side of a mountain.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Online Art Show. Enjoy.

My Flickr Pro account expires in 6 days. Dont think I'll renew it, because I dont do the kind of work needed to get people to look at my photos there (like comment on other people's pictures). With that in mind, and inspired by sleepytako, I'm using a highly technical algorithm to post my top 10 photographs of 2010.

Flickr Friends


Tea Room

Hanabi 1/15

Curious Camel

And I actually got my camera (Canon EOS DSLR 40D) exactly a year ago next Wednesday!