Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Antonio-san's obsession with movies led us into an entirely Japanese discussion about the 1998 film Apt Pupil (Japanese title: Golden Boy) and the tragic death of star Brad Renfro, his post-mordeum Oscar snub, and how he was in my favorite movie ever, Ghost World.
Never a dull moment.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Rice Fields and Fireworks

rice field Kano Yamaguchi
rice field Kano Yamaguchi
rice field Kano Yamaguchi
Maybe I mentioned a few months ago that my Grandpa hooked me up with a sweet deal on a Canon 40D DSLR camera. I still only understand 1% of its functions, and am trying hard not to use it as a point-and-shoot with an amazing zoom. Yesterday I went into the mountains of Kano with Nao-chan to take pictures of the yellow rice fields. She taught me some things about changing the ISO (I think) and now need to spend another few hours with the manual. If anyone has any tips for me or knows a good online tutorial, let me know (anyone, as in the 4 people who would read this far...).

This summer I also brought the camera out to a festival in Tokuji.

See more of my pictures on my Flickr.

One more announcement, I updated my sketchblog, and it has a new address, so if you were subscribed before you should update your whatchamacallit.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Only in Japan

Popcorn in a bag.