Saturday, February 5, 2011

Online Art Show. Enjoy.

My Flickr Pro account expires in 6 days. Dont think I'll renew it, because I dont do the kind of work needed to get people to look at my photos there (like comment on other people's pictures). With that in mind, and inspired by sleepytako, I'm using a highly technical algorithm to post my top 10 photographs of 2010.

Flickr Friends


Tea Room

Hanabi 1/15

Curious Camel

And I actually got my camera (Canon EOS DSLR 40D) exactly a year ago next Wednesday!


David said...

Haha! Yea, I [need | should | want to ] comment on other peoples pictures too. Not sure what the answer should be.

We've got the same camera! Whoo!

I love the tea room shot and the one of the buildings. I like how that guy in the building is almost invisible. A Where's Waldo. I'm always afraid of photographing people myself.

ElizT said...

Nice, especially Raspberry.

matt said...

I agree with all of them in no particular order.

LSL said...

I love these! And I vote for more online art shows in the future.

GeminiMommy said...

your work is beautiful. I wish I could be there to see in person those moments your captured.
Thank you for sharing