Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Complimentary Spam

What is the point of the fake comments by anonymous on this Sketchblog post? No links, no ads. Very mysterious. There must be some invisible embedded code. Anyone know?


David said...

It's the pronoia ghost that lives in the internets.

aml said...

Its to trick Google's pagerank algorithm to improve their results in Google's search.

The more links, the better valued Google sees it, the closer it appears to the top of the results list.

Auto-post a bunch of links; its cheap to do. Even if a small percentage of them get posted, it will pay off with more web traffic.

Jeannette said...

But there are no links. The name isnt even a link to a profile.

red-handed said...

I get these all the time ... usually asian ones, buried in old posts that no one will ever see again. Robots are stupid!