Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another Yatai Night

yatai Tokuyama Shunan Japan

Sometimes I think oh my god, my mother would hate this place.

Then I wanna bring her here so bad.

Dirty glasses, tarp sheets as walls, old oden. How did this become my weekend hangout? None of my friends really come here, except when urged by me (or you're Beth-san). No one enjoys Antonio's brashness, lack of teeth, and random conversation like me and Motto.

Motto yatai Japan Tokuyama Yamaguchi

But when we want a night out yatai is the first place we think of coming. Strangers up for conversation, 711 wine. Peanuts.

Motto just told Antonio I am trying to transfer to Fukuoka. He looked so sad. No one comes to this wooden ramen shack anymore.

Antonio just said he's expecting his first grandchild. すごい!

OK, I'm writing this from the yatai via my phone.

table tennis yatai JapanWatching table tennis. Such an intense sport.

Yatai entertainment center.


red-handed said...

Did the guy in Blade Runner hang at a joint like this?

geewits said...

As one of your readers that lives in Texas, I'd love to hear about your Texas vacation.
And maybe it's different there but vodka and grapefruit juice is a greyhound. A Colorado Bulldog is a White Russian with a splash of coke.

Jeannette said...

A salty dog is grapefruit juice, vodka, with salt on the rim, and then a bulldog is without salt. But I just checked Google and it must be a Japan thing. I better not order that when I go back.

There are always these long cocktail menus with weird drink names and no description of what's in them. Moscow mule? Some menus have a hundred different drink names. You have to ask the waiter what each one is.

My Texas vacation was pretty much hanging with my family and shopping. Maybe I could blog about that!