Friday, February 12, 2010

Listener Mail

I was laying in the hospital bed this morning, getting a big bag of steroids injected into my veins, listening to a medley of my favorite podcasts, when the "Stuff Mom Never Told You" hosts went to "listener mail" and totally read my view on global deodorantationalism. I just grinned in the bed thinking what a super-geek I am (and how I'm totally going to blog about this later).

If anyone heard the episode already, I am indeed the Jeannette from Japan, with paragraphs and paragraphs to share on underarms. I think Cristen (or Molly) loses her breath at one point while reading my edited down letter.

Click here to download the episode, "Do kids need both a mother and a father?" on iTunes. My email is at the 19:42 mark. I talk about Motto's armpits. Hehe.


sarah said...

whaaat! that is so awesome. my friend just told me about that podcast, and i haven't listened to it yet! now i will for sure...sarah in montreal..hehe

red-handed said...

Awesome! Now get better already, fuck.