Thursday, February 11, 2010

left hand keitai typing

not starbucks, peppermint tea. after 5 hour iv have to work.
today is a bank holiday so the usual entrance and desk was closed. the nurses are different and busy with other stuff, but it only took one try to find a vein today.
i was worried they were giving me the wrong medicine, but they just did it in the opposite order, with the one that leaves a bad taste in my mouth first, pink one second, and im assuming the huge one next.
my usual nurse is actually 2 of my students' mom, who brings me hot towels for my arm. miss her.
hearing status: same.
great, moaning old man just arrived.


ElizT said...

It's a bit mysterious Jeanette, what a nuisance for you.
Can you tell me about that large brown bird?

red-handed said...

At least you can't hear the moaning full volume.

carrie faith said...

hey, if you can still hear the moaning old man at least you know you're not totally gone... :/ this really is mysterious. maybe it's all this strange weather recently??