Saturday, October 31, 2009

Big Apple

The other day I bought a really huge apple. It cost about 500 yen, but I was feeling sad and thought, I've never bought myself a really huge, expensive, apple before. So I did.

It was thiiiis big. It took two days to eat.

Speaking of impulse buys, I also got myself a 27" iMac last Sunday during a trip to Yamada Denki. Anyone who has read my blog or sketchblog for a long time and has been witness to my many fundraisers/complaints knows what a big deal that is.

Edit: damn, I should have said, "Speaking of Apples..." I'll get you next time, pun!


Sorata said...

Hope you enjoy your Apples, pun intended.


LSL said...

Yaaaaaaaay, apples! Both kinds.

Also, you have perfect eyebrows. How does this happen?

Fern said...

that is a big apple.