Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Here I Am

Jon thinks I'm dead because I havent updated my blog in 10 days. I didnt think I was that avid of a blogger, but apparently I am. I only like to write here when something cool or bad but Japanese related happens...but, most of my time is spent cleaning the apartment (for the princesses) or what I did today: going into work for an hour then walking to the pet shop to put my nose against the glass of the bunny tanks.

The cutest bunny has been there for a week, but there's a paper post-it that supposedly says "sold" in Japanese. It's even a girl, which is good because Raspberry is too sassy for a man to come up in here and tell her what's what (and pee on her the way boy bunnies do).

So today I had Motto email me the Japanese for, "Is she really sold or can I buy her?" And I showed it to an employee. The employee politely informed me, while bowing, "Haisumimasenyoudesuschottosksjhjdgkjjsdhdjsdesuneonegaishimasu."

Or something like that. I didnt know what that meant, so I stood around a few minutes just to make sure she wasnt swooping her out of the tank and into my arms.

She didn't. And Raspberry has no sister. And I've updated my blog.


LSL said...

Glad for the update and sick with jealousy at your life.

Jonathan said...

Oh.... :(

You should have had Motto write:
Hi, I have sent my office assistant to pick up the bunny i have purchased. The one with (description).

Chances are, they would be so nervous about the fact that a white girl is in front of them, that they would just give her to you.

red-handed said...

Is Raspberry smart enough to know if it's only a paper bunny? Also: I just mailed you a postcard.